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This is an oldie, but goodie, from the gourd show in Missouri...

I will give you a few tips and reasons for my trip. First you can click on the pictures and get a larger view. Sure beats trying to see the picture an inch in diameter. I also am still testing the system to make sure it works.

I really don't remember when my obsession with Mexico began, except I remember receiving an onyx carved mask from a couple from Mexico City I used to baby-sit for in Hawaii in 1958. The mask always intrigued me and I still have it hanging with my other treasures I brought back from Mexico two years ago. When I made my first trip on the tour bus in 2002 I was disappointed that I was only allowed an hour here and two hours there to see the sites with the pyramids. I was not going to make the same mistake twice. I bought several tour books and studied them until the covers fell off. I talked to many friends that were or had been to Mexico and made new friends on the Internet as I expanded my search for information.

I was encouraged to drive, but finally decided to go by bus and then rent a car in Merida to drive around the Yucatan. I made contact with the lovely family of Alonzo Alvaro, who spoke English and offered a lot of valuable information. Can you just see me in a VW bug stuffed with two large bags whipping down the roads to the Mayan sites? Well that is going to happen. I also found English-speaking people with B & B resorts and lodgings that are owned and run by Canadians and American. I have arranged to spend time with all four of them.

I found a web site called Another Canadian, Cattle Ken, runs this web site. He has been very helpful in answering a million questions. We carried on a two-month dialogue on what to take, where to go, how to get there, what was safe. He guided me to Manny Mata Morales the Mayan man in Tikul. He is going to guide me through many of the sites in the Puuc route near Uxmal. I am staying at the Flycatcher Inn in St. Elena just 10 k from Tikul (an American, Kris, married to a Mayan) that built their place 14 years ago. Their web site is They have a wonderful place.

The Canadians, Diane and Rick, in Xpujil have Rio Bec Resort. Visit their web site at I can hardly wait to stay in one of their junglows. The next one is Lee, at Ek Balam. Her site is I am going to get a Mayan massage there. The last place is Casita Carolina in Bacular forty-K (miles) from Chetumal on the way to Tulum. So, plan came finally came into focus after many months of planning and I am ready to go. I start off by riding the bus all the way to Papantla, (see itinerary) where I will see El Tajin. That is a Totonac site occupied in 600 ad. From there I bus to Mexico City. I will take the safe taxi to the Hostel Moneda and they will guide me through the next week by their transportation to Teotihaucan, Tula, the museum and several local sites found in Mexico City. I booked the hotels over the Internet and had some really kind responses in English. Mostly all of them have a restaurant inside the hotel, laundry facilities and Internet cafe. I found for 1.00 to 2.00 an hour I could contact all of you. Before I left home I found this web site to use on the Lonely site. They published the tour book I used the most and when I looked for more information, I found they offered the web site as a way to put information and pictures all in one place and send notices to my friends. The rest of the reservations came from many hours of sending

e-mails to everyone I found in the tour books and Internet. I booked reservations with the ones that answered and chucked the rest. The site will connect you to any hostels in the world that offer services to students. You don't have to be a student to make a reservation. I made bus reservations with the ADO Mexico bus lines on the booking service.

So now, with a week to go I have all my bookings and reservations made and all I have to do is show the printed-paper to the taxi drivers to get to the hotel safe. I packed my bags, repacked then did it again to get everything in two bags. I packed two extra suitcases inside the two big ones and carried a backpack with the camera and a small bag that had my poncho and pillow. The money I carried was strapped on my waist in a money pouch; one on my ankle and another portion of the cash was in my cosmetic bag under the first aid items. I had a small bag to carry over my shoulder for my notebook and a coin purse for small coins. I had a hat and vest with many pockets to put extra items plus two pair of tennis shoes. I bought 2 pair of safari pants with the zippered legs and three safari shirts made from breathable material for hiking. Under the shirts I planned on wearing spaghetti strap summer shirts with built in bras. By layering my clothes I could adjust for heat and cold temperatures without digging in the suitcase. Long socks over my pants would protect my ankles and keep out bugs. I only packed 6 changes of undergarments. That way I could buy T-shirts and extra items in Mexico if needed. So there you are, the way I planned and started my trip. One week to go then it's off to Mexico. Love, Gay

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