Not much to say about Mt. Rushmore that hasn't been said by others. It is quite impressive and awe inspiring and I'm glad we saw it but...wouldn't be a place I'd visit twice. I guess that Bob and I are more in to the beauty of nature or something because neither of us was moved by either Rushmore or Crazy Horse, although Crazy Horse has a more elemental feel to it; as though it is more a part of the land. Crazy Horse seems to belong here. Mt. Rushmore belongs elsewhere - along the East Coast. Here, the four Presidents don't seem to belong -- they were more a part of history. This place, is different...a different lifestyle, different values...different strengths. Don't get me wrong, the sculptures are magnificent; the faces compelling. A real tribute to the sculptor and the subjects.

The road to Rushmore was wonderful - we drove the truck thankfully because the coach would not have fit in the tunnels leading from Rt. 16A to the monument. The road was narrow, winding and traversed wonderful countryside; mostly through Custer State park. Along the way, we saw a buffalo in the woods right alongside of the road, an antelope and a deer. Needless to say, the words to Home on the Range were singing in my brain.

Then, we came upon a herd of "wild" donkeys that were all over the road. There were about 12 or so including several young ones still suckling. I had a close encounter with a male donkey who really thought I was special. The photo will not be put on the website however, but needless to say, the caption is something like "Donkey Love".

Again, we could live here. Custer State Park is really a neat park. There are about six different campgounds some of which would fit a coach like ours. May come back here again and stay at the state park.

Crazy Horse monument was also pretty awesome. They were blasting while we were there and that caused quite a stir among the elderly bus tourists from New York. Bob and I laughed and laughed at the comments of the old ladies and their "gents". ("Oh, Look, Gladys - a deer. Can you believe it?") I will NEVER take a bus tour when I am older. (Remind me that I said this).

Wish they would finish the monument though.

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