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Going to Seward.

Hanson's at Exit Glacier face.

Homestead Barn in Seward.

Homestead cabin in Seward.

Richard with the Ididaride Dogs

Wet couple at Ailik Glacier

Ailik Glacier

Ailik Glacier

Humpback back in Kenai Fjord

Richard topside before it got too cold & wet on Kenai Fjord...

12-14 August 2006

Days 25-27

Seward, AK

Another good drive with more outstanding scenery. The weather has deteriorated, and is very like the Cape in the Spring - cold, damp/rainy, and windy. Seward is on the water - most of the waterfront was destroyed during the resulting tsunami-like waves after the earthquake of '64. There is a huge RV park where train-tracks and warehouses used to be. (We're not parked there, but at a site further inland). On our first day here, we visited the SeaLife Center, which is very reminiscent of the Boston Aquarium (but smaller), and the focus is on marine life in the waters surrounding Alaska. A very nice facility.

The second day the group was taken on a 'Best of Seward' tour - that doesn't take long J The tour-bus driver/owner and his wife moved up here in the late 60's from San Francisco - Richard figures they probably got a ride from Cheech Marin! The tour included a drive through Seward and narrative about Seward's history and current issues, a visit to Exit Glacier NP where we walked up to Exit Glacier (very impressive!), and ended with a visit to the tour owner's homestead for hot coffee, cookies, and some stories about their life in the bush.

Later in the afternoon of the second day, some of us went to hear about a sled-dog operation and take a ride in a big metal sled with wheels pulled by a sled-dog team. This was a fun visit, because the man who owns the dogs and outfit recently won the Iditarod - the company is called the Iditaride. Many of the people handling the dogs, although quite young, were sons of the owner, and had completed the Iditarod themselves. Boy, do the dogs love to pull!

Our last day here some of us took a boat trip out to see other parts of Kenai Fjord National Park. We took a big Catamaran, and the trip was narrated by both the Captain and a park ranger. We got quite close to the beautiful Ailik Glacier - the shades of blue were so impressive, as were the 'calves' being shed off the glacier at intervals. Although it rained and was very overcast, it was a really good trip. There were a couple of large humpback whales feeding up before their trip south, and sea lions, seals, puffins, and all sorts of interesting things to see. Richard and I felt like we were out in Cape Cod Bay with the weather, but the sights great. We were all so chilled and wet, there was no shopping after we docked - we headed back to our RVs to warm up, have supper, and prepare for our trip to Homer in the morning.

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