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The 13th-century Alcazar

Roman Aqueduct

Just and Russ over Segovia

We decided on a day trip out of Madrid and Segovia came up trumps. We'd seen about all we wanted to of Madrid and I must say it didn't rank all that highly with us. I suppose if we had more energy or inclination we may have partaken in its night life but, alas no.

Segovia was a two hour train ride north of Madrid and is famous for its Roman Aqueduct and 13th-century fortress. The Aqueduct is quite impressive. At 1.7km long and a two tiered 28 metres high, it dominates the new town centre just outside the city walls.

We only had four hours in Segovia so we made it a very quick stroll through the old city to the Alcazar fortress at the other end, marvelling at the fantastic patterning of the old city buildings on the way. The Alcazar is fantastic. It looks like a fairy tale castle teetering on the edge of a cliff (not in Neuschwanstein's league, but what is). We didn't go in as we didn't have the time, but it was cool nonetheless.

We quickly made our way back through the city so as to make the next tour bus that does a circuit of the city. We stopped off to get some fruit for lunch at a small fruit shop (a tip to would-be-fruit buyers in spain - don't touch the fruit yourself, get the shopkeeper to pick your fruit - yes ridiculous I know) and was shouted at by a grumpy old lady for touching her fruit. Needless to say we didn't buy anything off her - biiiaaarch!

The bus tour lasted an hour taking us around the outside of the city walls stopping at various point for photographs.

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