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AWESOME GLASS PHOTO... I think this is one of my best photos......

Architectural glass shop.

These are what the glass blowers were making today.

Architectural glass design shop.

Glass designer with the scale model. The larger, real life version is...

The model is made out of the same glass the real one...

On the wall is the larger model. Notice the color changes. The...

One of the finished pieces. This one had a very subtle crack...

Watching Payton Flameworks master Mark Payton. He sat down to make a...

What a wonderful viewing setup!

Adding a green leaf to the tree from a large rod of...

Glass is getting hotter and hotter!

Prelude to a leaf.

Adding coconuts with clear glass.

Smoothing out the glass.

The finished tree!

A photo of another piece created by Mr. Payton

"How do they do that?!!!" Now she knows!

Blowing glass. It was SO hot in there it was amazing. They...

Blowing the glass.

Finished products for sale.

Getting ready to make their own glass.

Such good workers.

So many choices!

All the different glass drops.

Pretty colors!

A finished product.

Another masterpiece!

JR with her masterpiece on the light box. The glue is cured...

A local artist was on display and painting another painting. She was...

Of course we are partial to German Shepherds!

Today was an intesting turn of events. What decided to be a "let the kids stay home and just play day" ended up even more fun! The kids stone pots they had painted at the Stoneware Factory were finished and so we headed out to pick them up. The car decided it wanted to go a different place than I did (usually it's the GPS's fault) and so it took me a different route than intended. As it turns out, it was perfect (such a good car)! We drove by the glass blowing shop and to our luck, they were blowing today! Out we jumped and took the tour. What a wonderful place! Louisville Glassworks is one of only 2 glass shops in the country that includes all glass processes. The kids made glass ornaments at the end of the tour which they thouroughly enjoyed. A very educational experience to be sure! Make sure you take the tour, which was self guided, and watch the movie first that shows all the processes down to the sand! Their online pictures are great, so check them out.


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