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Road to a dam near Belaga

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The travelling distances in Sarawak between cities or towns are considerably larger than on peninsular Malaysia. This also means that distances between food are greater. Leaving early and getting food when it's available is not optional, as one may not get a second chance on the way. So leaving Bintulu around 7:30am we set out for Niah Town. We were told that we would pass tonnes of palm plantations along the way. This did prove to be true, but it didn't come close to what we had experienced in West Malaysia. The riding took us passed lots of homes along the way, feeling at times like a country road in Canada. We passed the road that goes 125km up to the Bakun Dam. The intersection looked like a mini mall of food hawkers. It had the feel of the beggining of a frontier (maybe next time). Later on in the day we rode passed secondary jungle and forest reserves (which according to many, are pieces of land set aside for future logging). We saw three sets of hornbills, two different species. Seeing these outside of a national park gives one hope that there are still some chances for their survival. Despite of some knee problems, and a long day of riding we managed to arrive at our destination.

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