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The ride from Bintulu to Similajau National Park was a mere 30km. Many Bintulunians believed it to be much, much farther (or shorter), so we were unsure of the distance until we got there. The park seemed totally abandoned at first, we were worried that it might even be closed. We were welcomed by a family of wild/domesticated dogs, who scurried away into the bushes at the sight of two funny-looking whities on bikes. We could hear the waves of the South China Sea crashing in the distance, and eventually saw some folks.

In the few days that we spend here we managed to spot a few black hornbills, tonnes of hermit crabs and a beautiful sunset. We didn't see any crocodiles, even though Myles went out there with a flashlight every night to check. Similajau National Park is a long and narrow strip of land (a few kms thick and 30km long), and due to the major logging around it is known to be a haven for wildlife. There is one main trail (9.8km long) that takes you passed a couple of beaches frequented by turtles during breeding season, and a Golden beach with beautiful rock formations and coarse, yellow sand (we had it all to ourselves, so we went swimming in our birthday suits for a while). The trail runs parallel to the sea, through beautiful jungle and across many rivers. A very quiet and relaxing place, and a largerly forgotten park.

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