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Loading the ferry the day with an RV.

Driving through Cloud 9 on Top of the World HWY

Waiting for the border to open

Weary travelers arrive at Chicken, AK

Some Chicken good ol' boys

End of the AK HWY

What a way to go!

Rig washing after the trip to Tok was a group effort.

Day 14: Tok, AK

Tok RV Village

The worst road, yet (apparently for the entire trip). The majority of the group (including the Wagon Master and TailGunner) left the day before to cross over the river and go on to an intermediate stop to our next destination. This was because of another group planning to leave at the same time we were scheduled to (and making an inordinately long ferry process - the ferry only takes 2 RVs at a time.) There were 5 of us (5 Rvs) that opted to head out at 5:30AM on the morning we had been scheduled to leave. That worked very well - none of the other group were at the ferry, so the ferry crossing went well, and then, because the CAN/US border crossing is only open 9-9, we had no oncoming traffic until after we got across the border. That was particularly important, because the name 'Top of the World Highway' is very appropriate. For the most part, this is a dirt or gravel road in terrible repair (apparently only open in the summer); and travels along the ridges of some mountains, or winds along the sides (with no guard rails). The views, of course, were spectacular, but the slick conditions of the muddy roadway (it had rained on that side of the mountains the day before) made sightseeing more like 'glimpsing'! The road goes on like this for a few hours, and is really something. We were very glad to get to the little (4 'building') town of Chicken, AK, where the tail gunner was waiting for us (and a few stragglers from the day before). They had not only to deal with the road and oncoming traffic (a pretty scary deal in itself), but rain, as well. Anyway, we were happy to see some better road conditions after Chicken, and not long after, we rejoined the Alaska Hwy and had an easy drive into Fairbanks.

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