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Entrance to Sleeping Bear Ranch RV Park at Lander, Wyoming.

The "Old Town Dallas" buildings are now used for rental cabins.

Left to right: chuck wagon with cast iron stove, "chapel," "Mayor's house."...

A better view of the chuck wagon. The park calls it the...

We love rail fences that have good scenery around them.

I have to step into a picture now and then.

Fremont Lake near Boulder. Picture taken from the Fremont Lake Lodge patio.

Wind River Mountains above Fremont Lake.

The Wind River Mountains include the highest peak in Wyoming, Gannet Peak...

The Wind River Mountains are part of the Continental Divide.

The electric utility built osprey nesting platforms atop unused power poles. This...

Alice and Joe Knox were headed for the same Music Festival in...

Harrell and Tommie Sue Hicks had just come back from Jackson Hole...

After the wagon ruts in Guernsey, we traveled across Wyoming to get to Jackson Hole and the Grand Teton Music Festival. Along the way we spent nights in Casper (at a tight little RV Park between Interstate 25 and a railroad track), Lander (in a nice RV Park adjacent to the first oil discovery site in Wyoming), and Boulder (where we met some neat people and saw some beautiful country). A little bit about each:

Casper: nothing much to tell. The Interstate was under construction, we spent only one night, but did get out to dinner at Outback to celebrate our 46th anniversary.

Lander: the RV Park had purchased the old buildings of the town of Dallas where oil was discovered in 1884, and moved them to the park to convert into rental cottages. They have kept the place as rustic as possible. The park has a little café that features true home cooking, because the manager does everything herself and cooks to order. We have to praise the Sheriff's office in Lander. Suzy had a medical concern at 9:00pm and wanted to call her HMO for advice. Since we were in a hole, we had to drive out to the highway to get phone service. Within two minutes flashing lights pulled up behind us and a deputy was there to help. The HMO told Suzy to get to an emergency hospital, and the deputy (who was on another call) directed us into town where he arranged for another deputy to meet us and escort us to the hospital. It went as smooth as clockwork, Suzy was fine, so all is well.

Boulder: this is a tiny town along the Wind River, and the park has an excellent view of the Wind River Range. We were assigned a site and learned that the neighbors behind us also were headed to Jackson Hole and the Music Festival, and that the neighbors beside us had just come from Jackson Hole where they had met with the leaders of our rally! The rally is sponsored by the Escapees Club, all three of us were Escapees, all three were driving Winnebago motorhomes (ours is really an Itasca, but that is Winnebago's twin sister), so we celebrated together with social hour on two evenings.

From Boulder we took the car into the mountains for beautiful views of the Wind River Range, pronghorn antelope, and Fremont Lake. We made it up to 9,171 feet of elevation at a National Forest Campground at which several horse trailers were parked. A young lady we met told us she was about to embark on a six-day ride into the mountains with a group of other riders.

Nothing exciting, but we're having fun adventures along ... Our Life on Wheels.

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