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Culbertson Mansion Exterior

This the the BOTTOM of the stairs going up 3 flights. The...

Kids going up the stairs in awe. The 'wallpaper' is all hand...

Ceiling above the formal waiting room. The gold is 23 carat, and...

Hand painted CEILING!

Nursery and sewing room.

Looking down the main staircase.

The second floor hasn't had as much restoration. This is one of...

The "punishment room" was by the servants stairs.

The kids weren't happy about being in the 'punishment room'!

The inside of the 'punishment room'

Down the servants stairs. Notice the window... it was the back of...

The window, well, part of it!

The only kitchen. Hard to believe that huge stately meals were cooked...

Cool old chair!

Laundry room... hmm.

A 'modern' washing machine made it easier, but not much.

The kids on the steps.

The historic sign outside the house.

The father built this house in hopes that his son would stay...

Today we visited the Culbertson Mansion in New Albany, Indiana. What a magnificant home! The kids absolutely loved it. The especially thought the "Punishment Room" was "cool" in their words! I sometimes wish the RV had such a 'timeout' place! Below is a little description of the house and the history behind it.

"With its hand-painted ceilings, carved rosewood staircase, marble fireplaces and crystal chandeliers, the Culbertson Mansion reflects the affluence of a man once considered to be the wealthiest in Indiana. In 1867, William S. Culbertson spent about $120,000 to build his grand home in New Albany. The three-story French, Second-Empire mansion encompasses more than 20,000 square feet and contains 25 rooms."

"Much of Culbertson's wealth and vitality was invested in New Albany, as he involved himself in civic affairs. He funded the construction and supervised the Culbertson Old Ladies Home and served as a Trustee of the First Presbyterian church. He also founded the Cornelia Memorial Orphans Home, named after the second of his three wives. Culbertson was widowed twice and married for the third time at age 70."

"In 1964, Historic New Albany purchased the home. The State of Indiana accepted the mansion to be maintained as a state historic site in 1976. The Culbertson Mansion represents the lifestyles of the Victorian fortune-makers as well as the lifestyles of the servant staffs. Visitors may view the grand parlors, dining rooms, bedrooms, kitchen and laundry room."

As taken from the following website: http://www.in.gov/ism/StateHistoricSites/CulbertsonMansion/cm_histsig.aspx

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