Mc Morocco......Casablanca

Seaside Mosque......Casablanca

Finally the beer drought has come to an end!!Andrew and Jo came up with the goods yesterday arvo and a few crazy Moroccan brews were had.After the Gabon visa debacle they were much needed.The bloody Gabonners,or whatever they call themselves,decided that they wouldn't give us visas in Rabat and we'd have to get them now in Cameroon but the best part is that the mongrels kept all our visa money and refused to give it back which amounted to 25 quid each.After Chris the co driver almost caused an international incident by going off at the embassy staff in true Aussie fashion they let him in to see the ambassador who gave hium a rerceipt for the cash we paid and he assurred us that we could use that for the visas when in Cameroon but the chances will be slim and we'll have to cough up again for them.As Emily the driver said "Africa 1 Truck Africa 0"...

Anyway a successful mission for the Mauritainian visas was had today in sunny Casablanca which turned out to be a very nice day out almost like a family outing where we saw the sights,had McDonalds(finally broke my 6 year big mac protest in Casablanca of all places still tasted like shite though but as its Ramadan there isn't much else available until later in the day) and icecreams...We wandered around the medina there which was muddy to say the least but I've learnt my lesson and no longer where my thongs when in the medina due to the amount of shit,mud,offal etc that finds its way between my toes.Deb and Mel learnt that lesson today the hard way.....We sat around the front of the giant Mosque which is situated right on the sea front with the surf literally lapping against the walls.There was sopme half decent surf there also with a couple of blokes out and I'd have to say it would be an amazing sight sitting out the back with the view of the mosque in front of you, certainly be a strange sight when catching waves....

So hopefully its our last night in Rabat tonight and we're going to celebrate by going out on the town for tea which could be fun.Due to Ramadan nothing is open til late then all of a sudden people come out of the woodwork from everywhere.

As you can see finally managed to download some pictures but as the connection was so slow it took me 2 1/2 hours to do them so looks like I'm in for some long hours in front of the computer if I continue to do that.Exactly the thing I wanted to get away from but can't seem to shake it although have managed to not go anywhere or hear a phone ringing so can't all be bad....

Will try to update again as asoon as I have something else to report but will probably be from Marrakesch in a week or 2's time as we are now heading up to the mountains for a bit which by all accounts is beautiful but bloody freezing....



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