Left Diamond Lake fairly early so we could get to Bend to the RV repair shop so they could check out our brake noise. They said that there was nothing mechanical wrong and that the noise was probably simply dirt that has gotten into the brake drums but not of any mechanical/safety issue. Told Bob to get a hose and try to wash the area underneath. Of course, neither of us are surprised that there is dirt underneath - given that you couldn't even identify our coach with all the dirt from the Alaska roads.

After Bend, and a short "lost" detour, we drove through what can only be described as a flat, sagebrush, desert plain lasting over a hundred miles. Occasionally, the horizon would be broken by a stray butte, but otherwise, nothing but miles of sagebrush, dry fescue, the occasional tree (juniper) and volcanic rock. It is obviously ranched because there were fences and range evidence but how anything lives here is beyond me.

Needless to say, this is NOT a place I could settle unlike many we have been on this trip.

Every once in a while, there would be an irrigated field. Whenever that occurred, wildlife was obvious. We say an entire herd of antelope grazing on the green, watered fields as well as a lone coyote, a red tailed hawk, a flock of bluebirds and other miscellaneous birds.

At a rest stop along US 20, we took a half mile nature trail into the desert. Bob called it the Bataan Death March because it was about 93 degrees - but dry. Yes, it was hot, but it was also pretty neat with little signs identifying the plants, flowers and geologic/geographic characteristics. There were also signs of large animal poops on the trail so obviously, deer, elk or some other large mammal (not Bob) visits the trail too.

Stayed at Burns RV Park - nice place, nice people, big site. Town is your typical western ranch town. On the reccomendation of our neighbors at the park, we ate at the Meat Hook restaurant that has as its claim to fame its own beef on the menu. The restaurant was decorated with all of the ribbons the family has won for its cows, calves and steers. Wish the meal had been up to par though. We still haven't gotten a good steak anywhere. I had to send mine back because I ordered "rare" figuring it would come medium rare, and it came well-done. Not even close.....Bob's was also too well-done but not as badly. It wasn't that great when it finally was served. So much for growing your own...now they need to learn how to cook it.

When we got back, the moon had just risen and it was a beautiful silver full moon. Unfortunately, the backdrop to the moon was not especially pretty.

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