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What trip wouuld be complete without a photo by the sign?

The view coming up the road to the park.

Entering the park. Notice the bikers are arriving.

Kids working on their Jr. Ranger badges with Dad's help.

Looking at the monument to answer questions.

Who is this guy? I think we should know... ah yes, the...

Heading through the row of US State Flags.

In front of the Grand View Terrace.

Mt. Rushmore

The meaning of Mt. Rushmore. Inside the history museum.

Working on 'blowing up the mountain' at one of the learning exhibits.

JR Working on her ranger badge.

Mt. Rushmore with the kids.

EV working on his Jr. Ranger Badge, learning about the building of...

Working on their badges some more.

JR and the mountain.

A new Jr. Ranger Badge! Way to go! And don't forget the...

Jr. Ranger number 2! Super job! And your promise to listen to...

I hope one day they can come back as adults and take...

We stayed at a truck stop very close to Mt. Rushmore last night in order to go to the monument first thing in the morning. As it turns out, it was a VERY good thing that we went early! The annual Sturgis Bike Rally was the same weekend and boy was it packed!!! We got to Rushmore around 9 am and by Noon, it was completly packed with bikers and other normal tourists! We went from plenty of elbow room, to sardines in a couple of hours... and more were driving that way! Mental note to all: Don't plan on visiting Mt. Rushmore area the same week that the Sturgis Bikers are there unless you go by motorcycle!

The kids schoolwork for the day consisted of earning their Jr. Ranger Badges, which they had a blast doing! Then we hit the road for the journey to Louisville, KY.


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