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The kids getting ready to go in.

Stoneware "faces"

The boys painting their masterpieces.

The girls painting and their masterpieces.

EV and his finished piece. His shirt is covered in paint.. as...

Pretty Bella and her pretty piece.

JR and her finished pot.

Raw clay is brought in by the truckload. Notice the marks on...

Here is a block of raw clay with some coal still attached.

After the clay is filtered and smoothed, it is pressed into 50...

The "cake maker".

After the cakes, the jigger is made. It's smooth as silk. From...

Jigger on their hands. The loved the way it felt.

One part of the factory makes plates with a "shoe". The plates...

See how the 'shoe' is brought down to form the plate? As...

The painting prep department. Each piece is hand painted.

The artists table.

One of the suprisingly few artists. There weren't as many as I...

Another artist painting plates.

The glazing booth.

The kids' clay pieces waiting to go through the glazing process.

The kiln.

Another picture of the kiln.

The finished masterpieces, 4 days later

JR's beautiful flower pot that she made for Bella.

Today I took the kids to visit the Louisville Stoneware Factory. We started out with paint you own pottery in which the kids had a blast. From there, we got to take a behind the scenes tour in the factory. Louisville Stoneware is truely a dust to dinner kind of factory. The clay is brought in as a 'pre' product of coal mining. It is then sifted and smoothed and "jiggered" into workable clay. They make their own molds, hand paint all their products, and fire everything there. The tour was really worth it. Our pieces that we did should be ready in a couple of days!

Louisville Stoneware begins as natural stoneware clay, which may be as old as 250 million years and which is excavated from deposits in western Indiana.


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