Glenda's Adventures with Daisy 2006-07 travel blog

View from Lewiston Hill

From Coeur d'Alene I took US 95 south through some beautiful mountains and very hilly country. Those mountain roads can be very deceiving. Sometimes my eyes told me that we were going downhill but my ears could hear Daisy's engine straining! This can be a bit disconcerting.

For a considerable part of the drive, the hills were covered with golden ripened hay which made them look like gigantic sand dunes. Since some of the hills are very steep, I couldn't help but wonder how the hay was harvested. It would seem to be a dangerous undertaking.

Along the way I stopped at a scenic overlook on Lewiston Hill. A new kind of highway was built in 1917 with gradual 10-mile 2000-foot grade and cars could go 20 to 30 miles per hour down this very high hill.

Lewiston was started May 13, 1861, as a steamboat landing and became a primary commercial center for Idaho miners during their gold rush to Pierce. A series of locks and dams made Lewiston a seaport. Large-scale river shipping resumed in 1975. The view of the town from the top of the hill was wonderful.

On arriving at my home for the night at Christmas Ranch RV Resort just outside Grangeville, I learned the reason for the haze I had noticed all afternoon: Smoke from burning fields! That seems to be an unwise practice, especially on a windy day like today. It reminds me of the Mexicans on the Yucatan Peninsula who burn their stubble every year.

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