Erin and Mel's mini OE 2006 travel blog

Biarritz beach

The beach houses

The changing tents

We had an hour and a half bus ride across the Spanish border from San Sebastián to Biarritz. Since it was several hours to our flight we thought we'd check our bags into the storage at the Airport and head to the beach. Well after lugging our bags out the the airport there was no storage to use so we went back into the city and tried to find somewhere to put our bags, unfortunately there was only one place to leave them but it closed for siesta so we wouldn't get them out in time for our flight. So our bags ended up coming the the beach with us.

We had a bite to eat then lay on the beach for a couple of hours before heading back to the airport.

The beach was one of the nicest we've visited. The sand was nice and white, the water was cool and clear with no rubbish floating in it and there was actually some surf. They also had the cool stripped changing tents lined along the edge of the beach for people to use.

We boarded our Ryan Air flight at had Colin the mad Scotsman sitting next to us. He starting telling us horror stories of Ryan Air flights which wasn't to comforting since we were already feeling dodge about the flight. After he shouted us a few wines the nerves settled a little and he started showing us on his laptop his photos of his holiday to NZ.

We finally landed in London and made our way to Vic's.

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