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I will now tell you about the ride to the airport from the game reserve. We had to get up at 4:00 A.M. to make the 1 hour and 20 minute ride to town. It was 5 degrees Celsius. Since we were still riding in the totally open Land Rover, they provided us with a threadbare blanket each, to keep us warm. Ha! That was the coldest ride I can ever remember. Even though the wind came right through the blanket, I took my head out from under the blanket only twice. Once when we came to the river. The driver and spotter shined a powerful light across the river, where the raft operators were sleeping. After about 20 minutes of angry shouting back and forth across the river, the guys began pulling the raft across to us. The hippos were awake at this time and expressed their displeasure with grunts and a bit of splashing in the river right next to us. We finally made it across and then had to stop for an elephant who was strolling along in the road. He finally moved over and allowed us to pass. Once we reached the paved portion of the road, it became even colder because the driver drove pretty fast, trying to make up for lost time. The wind chill had to be near zero, and all I had on was my flying uniform. Shirt and tie, but no jacket because I was too ignorant to take one to Africa in August. I had forgotten that Zambia is south of the equator and it is winter there. Temps in the daytime were wonderful, but at night it was really cold.

Well, that's it for the Safari part of the trip. I am leaving India tonight, to return home. Sure will be nice to see my family again. The truck and the RV should be arriving soon. Yipee!!!

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