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Stained glass at the Church of Tara

Hill of Tara Church

Old Graveyard

2 gateway stones into Hill of Tara

Mound of Hostages

Inside Mound of Hostages

Western Ireland

Memorial stone

Me and the rock of destiny

Celtic cross

Jumping for the Hay bail

Almost there

I can do this

Posing on the Hay

Moo moo

Old tombstones



Statue at Tara

Me and Ireland

View from Hill of Tara

After our late night the night before we were a little rushed in the morning to make it to Busarus for our bus tour at 10am. We got a seat on our bus behind 3 guys from Italy who didn't seem to speak any english. Our bus tour departed city center and we headed out of county Dublin and into County Meath.

Our first stop was the Hill of Tara. A place of Royalty and a place of worship. A very spiritual place. Hill of Tara was where the potential Kings of Ireland would come to determine if they were to be King. There was a series of tests. The gateway into the Hill of Tara was 2 stones, one large and the other small. It was said that only the true King could make the stones open when he placed his foot on the smaller stone.

The Rock of Destiny was also located here. It was said that if you placed your hand on the rock and the lands screamed your name you were the rightful King to Ireland.

Also located at Hill of Tara is the Mound of Hostages. It is a man made mound with a burial tomb located inside. When it was excavated in the 50's and 60's they found bones and ashes of 5 people. They also found the body of a teenage boy wearing jewelery from Egypt. His body was not found with the others and he had not been cremated like the others.

Sarah and I were having some fun with hay bails in the fields around the area and as you can see from the pictures we were attempting hay bail jumping. Something I have discovered i'm not very good at haha. I finally managed to get on top..barely. The thing was really slippery so I had to hold on just for the picture before sliding off haha.

There was an old graveyard and church at the site as well.

Back onto the bus and on our way to the town of Trim next.

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