Left Florence and drove to Reedsport where we stopped to see the Umpqua River Lighthouse which overlooks the Oregon Coast National Dunes. The dunes are enormous; some as high as 500 feet. The lighthouse is sort of squat but sits way above the dunes on a bluff.

Then drove on Rt. 138 toward Crater Lake. The road was very scenic and while it was also quite winding, the surface was good with few bumps. There were alot of pullouts and we did stop for lunch and a nap. We got to Diamond Lake RV Park and were able to get a spot - really nice one too with a level pad and long enough that we didn't have to unhook if we didn't want to. The folks here are really nice as well.

The lake is lovely with Mt. Thielson (over 9,000 feet high) and Mt. Bailey, around 8,000 ft. high, at either end of the lake. Both still have snow on the summits in patches.

Guess what???? Actually had to put shorts, sandals and a sleeveless top on because it was about 83 degrees but no humidity and no bugs to speak of. There were chipmunks everywhere at the campground and Dixie was beside herself looking this way and that and straining at her leash to try to get them. They have tunnels under all of the concrete pads and keep popping up and chattering away. Dixie tried to get one that was sitting under the wheel, but her leash only went so far. I think the chipmunk was sticking his tongue out at her.

There were also rufous sided hummingbirds everywhere as well. Took some photos but they aren't that good.

The sunset over the lake was magnificent - it was so orange/red that it looked fake and we were right there watching it - so the photos are really orange/red too. Tomorrow, Crater Lake.

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