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The lake through the solarium with both Canadian and Australian flags flying.


After breakfast, some grocery shopping and lunch we packed the car and set of for Bob and Barbara's cottage on the lake about 1 1/4 hrs from Kemptville.

We went through a couple of towns and one was very special .....Perth! Yes there is another Perth on this side of the world. It is very old world and has the river Tay running through it. We are going to have a good look around there in a few days.

We also went through large fields of corn which are used mainly for stock feeding as well as for flour, there is a flour mill here too.

The country side is fairly flat with medium growing trees and as I said corn fields and pasture areas. We followed a river which runs from Ottowa through to here and it just curves around and at this time of the year, moves very slow and has a large algea bloom on it most of the time. When it moves quicker, there is not so much algea.

The ground is not rich in nutrients and there is a lot of rock so to establish the farms and garden areas, the Scots had had to work really hard for not a lot of return.

The cottage is nestled on the side of a 5 mile long lake (small for here) and is on several levels as the banks are steep. It is so peaceful and tranquil here. I sat down on the lower deck with a beer and read my book as Bob cast out for fis but did not catch any. There were small boats and canoes paddling up and down the river and children swiming and playing on the other side of the lake. It was so relaxing.

After dinner Barbara and I took the dogs (2 beagles) for a walk and there were lots of fireflies in the woods as we walked.

You can't have compost bins or leave any rubbish out here as the bears come and make a mess and the deer come right down to the waters edge to drink. While we were out on the back steps talking and just looking out onto the lake, a little chipmonk came and fossicked around eating crumbs and bits and pieces. They also have lots of little frogs, racoons and squirrels so the wild life is great.

It is just so peaceful and relaxing after the bussle of the city.

I am going to turn in now and get some strength to cope with the hectic pace of relaxing tomorrow.

Take care and keep smiling.

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