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We got up late and had some breaky and it was finally time to hit the beach again.

Guus, Roy and I hired 2 boards and thought we'd have a crack at surfing this time. It's been a while for me, longer than the other 2 actually being that they tried in Hawaii and Australia during their trips last year. Anyway, there were some waves here and there but none with enough pressure to catch any waves so that was a bit of a waste but we all did get to use the boards so that was at least a little bit of fun, and I didnt get yelled at for being out of the flags either which was good.

After the beach we went back to the camp and organised to do some shopping for a BBQ dinner and get some beer.

Dinner was good and included Shiskebab's, an array of Sausages, Hamburger patties, Salmon and Salad. The food was great and our little BBQ's definately made an impression, they're like a little Webber which you get these little coals for that burn for about 2 hours and were prepackaged so you just had to light the 4 corners of the wrapping and it would do the rest. I bet the Irish girls in Miami wish they had one of these..

After dinner we had a few drinks and the went to a club right down on the beach which over looked the water. The club was nice but when we arrived was full of Rugby players ready for the tournament that was about 5km up the road so I was a bit worried there might be some fights or trouble. That worry was a waste of time, everyone got on great and had a great night.

The fun all started when this guy of about 60-65 got up and started dancing on one of the tables, everybody had a laugh and a cheer and he was clearly having a good time. A couple of young girls got up on the other table and started dancing but no-one gave them any attention so they stopped again pretty quickly. Soon the old guy decided to get down and manged to stack it in the process, but he was fine and drinking again in seconds, so the girls got back up and started dancing again and then a few more on the other table so the night was really hitting off. The rest of the night there was girls and guys on the tables dancing and drinking and generally having fun.

We had a bit of fun with the Dutch guys at the campsite next to us getting some funny photo's and photo's with various women. Later in the night I asked this girl about a shot and she wasnt too happy at all the photo's we'd taken and flat out refused. Vicky was English/French, moved to Paris with family years ago from England but hated it and I ended up spending the rest of the night sitting down and chatting with her about England, France, Biarritz and my trip too. A nice quiet end to the night which was welcomed after all the drinking and partying.

Soon the music stopped and we went our seperate ways. The walk home was nice with a clear star studded sky and the warm nights air. Once home, it was the end for us, we had one last beer and a chat about the night and then hit the hay.

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