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The Way To Paris

Monday went quite quickly, Guus and I went into Venlo Centrum and had a look around, we both had a couple of things to buy. I bought some cool Pink boardies, a jumper and a black singlet. I'll get a pic of the boardies up soon, they're classic..

On the way home we stopped and got supplies for the trip to Biarritz, mainly lots of Red Bull and a few packets of chips. Once home we also made some sandwiches as driving over night not much will be open.

After dinner we packed up and left. Guus, Roy and I packed into the car with a list of tents, esky, food and drinks, pillows, blankets, seats, music.. Anything we could need for a week away camping.

We drove into the night and landed in Paris about midnight, I got a quick glimpse of the Eiffel Tower but being that we went around the city and not directly through it made it a bit difficult. From what I did see though, it's quite amazing by night, I cant wait to get in there and see it in whole..

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