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old town square

forgot what this was...

hiked up the bell tower to get the following views

mini eiffel tour in the background

view of palace

from bell tower...this is near old town square

view from charles bridge

view from charles bridge

view on charles bridge

view on charles bridge

TV tower in the background...

another view of praha

leaning lamp

old jewish cemetery

old jewish cemetery

old jewish cemetery


palace gates

prague view

prague view

prague view

view of charles bridge

view from palace area

cesky krumlov

view of cesky krumlov

small creek and old house

town view

main square

ridding a dragon

a river runs through it

view from bell tower

cant miss the bear

river runs around the town

pretty lake



old church

view of river

water fun

fun rapid

water fun

palace at night

blurry palace at night

Prague zoo


he was pretty high up...impressive exhibit though

really close...amazing

look out

this guy was cool to watch


sea lions...kind of a circus

more circus tricks

cooling off

lemur exhibit

close encounters

obviously really liked these guys

anybody know Harriet the Tortoise? smaller version

baby g the talk of the town

posing for the cameras


lil' hippo

ok read this and look at the next photo...the translation is horrible...

Finally! someone has thought of what us girls can do while waiting...

japanese garden at the botanical gardens

more botantical gardens

more botantical gardens

more botantical gardens

city art

communism museum

crazy tourist area

more crazy tourist area

street view

crazy amount of tourist on Charles Bridge

lennon wall

lennon wall

lennon wall

lennon wall

city art

city art


typical tourist store

Prague was a wonderful trip for me. It is always nice to visit places where you have friends. Jason really made the trip unique. I did all the touristy things during the day, but jay really showed me local stuff or things that the average tourist wouldn't do at night. We ate at local places, hung out with his friends, and took day trips to the Czech country side. It's an extremely touristy place but worth seeing. The Charles Bridge early morning is definitely worth getting up for (or staying up!). Also I was surprised at the quality of the zoo. It's not something I normally do while traveling but I had the time and it ended up being worth it...of course everything is super cheap!! I also did the botanical gardens and the green house which I loved. It's a surprisingly huge city so taking as much time as I did was well worth it. One day Jay and I were walking and we ended up near all the ambassador houses....wow are they nice! The other thing I really enjoyed was all the beautiful views of the city that are to be had. The hills are worth the climb! Also the public transport couldn't be better. Between the trams, the buses, and the metro you don't have to walk anywhere unless you want to. Of course I walked a lot but the tram was my favorite. You can see the city and get places quick. The best though was the AC in the metro!!! AC is unheard of in Europe so finding it is always nice, especially since all of Europe was having a heat wave while I was in Praha. The metros are definitely an experience to be had. The escalators go down forever and when the train is coming the pressure change pushes cold air on you. It's like a nice cool breeze caressing you...oh it felt so good on those hot days.

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