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Me with Shell and Stacey on our night out in Clapham Common

Oh kisses all round...

Gotta love the self portraits

James and my dodgy cooking experience - Mmmmm yummy eggs!!

My sexy drunken pout - that's sure to turn any guy on

Me with Daibhid the Irish guy from Berlin

Go Linda, Go Linda

Linda with Daibhid - Isn't he popular : )

Linda being carried cause her feet hurt - or so she said...

The telephone booth shot - everyone has to have one of those

Hey Guys

Well I was hoping that at this job I'd be able to check and write personal emails but it seems not as access is denied to "all" external email accounts, sucks huh. But my new email is jamie.pollard@ubs.com - yes they've spelt my name wrong but apparently in 5 days I can have it changed and then it's another 5 days till it's active - bastards, those that know me well will know that I "hate" it when people spell my name wrong, once or twice is ok but constantly frustrates me soooo much, and now even though I sign my emails with Jaime people still write back "Thanks Jamie" probably assuming I'm an idiot and can't spell my own name, grrrr I'm getting annoyed just thinking about it - and Steve Draper there's no need to reply to this email with "Thanks Jamie" like I know you're thinking of doing!!

So where am I at, well I'm in London, ha guess you knew that - geez I'm a funny girl, crack myself up. Ok, I've now moved into a house, I'm in a share house in Barons Court which is in South West London, number 33 Tasso Road for those of you that would like to stalk me, it's a blue house, was quite funny actually cause when I was walking down the street looking for the house to check it out I was saying to Lachlan "I'd really love to live in a blue house so I could say, just come to the blue house" and what do you know I was in the blue house, yey, except for the fact that there's 5 other blue houses in my street - doh, oh well I'll just have to be a bit more specific like "Come to the last blue house on the right hand side". Anyway, that's enough about the outside of the house I probably should fill you in on what lies on the inside of the house, oooohhhhhh, yes the inside, well there's 4 other people in the place, two Pommy guys from Liverpool, a Pommy chick and a Kiwi girl, all very nice, actually one of the Pommy guys, Neil, cooked for me last night (yes Neil I'm hanging around another Neil - scary huh). My room is nice, I have a fire place which doesn't work but looks nice, I'm quite glad it doesn't work cause I couldn't picture myself chopping wood and starting a fire every night, I only have a single bed but that's alright and I've got plenty of cupboard space. My first night there was Monday and I didn't realise I needed to buy bed linen so I had to sleep with a cushion and a towel over me, lovely huh, had the worst sleep, but I got all the bedding stuff the next day and slept "much" better. Yes Linda and I aren't living together, basically we decided we wanted our own rooms cause living on top of each other can be hard, but trying to find two rooms in a share house was impossible, and a two bedroom apartment was very expensive so this was our alternative which I think is fine, we'll be living in similar areas so can still catch up all the time. Also I'm close to Amy - two streets away, and Juz is a 10 minute walk (you walk everywhere here) so that's great for me cause it means I can see them without stuffing around on public transport.

I started my new job this week and it's "massive", there's a huge block and on it is like 5 big UBS buildings, it's crazy, in the middle of the block is a circular courtyard area which apparently turns into an ice skating rink in Winter - pretty cool I think, might have to invest in some ice skates, or maybe not cause I don't want to come back to work soaking wet. Because the company is so large they have there own private Deli with great gourmet food, you can choose from the sandwich bar so you choose ingredients and then choose your bread like a baguette or chapatti etc. or you can have gourmet salads or make your own, they have soup and they have a hot meal selection of the day, jacket potatoes cause the Poms seem to love them and heaps of drinks, chips, fruit etc. and it's all at a discounted price - sounds much better than the dodgy café underneath IGT huh boys!! Hehe suckers... The job itself seems good, a little slow at first but today is picking up but I'm still being trained so once I'm on my own I'll have plenty to do I think.

Amanda you'd be impressed, in my week off I did all most ALL of the London touristy things and I even went to the Imperial War Museum but it's "massive" so I didn't get to see too much in the short time I was there (it's like 6 floors) so I'm going back to finish making myself smarter - it's really interesting there, there's notebook exerpts from actual war heros and I even read the transmission that was sent with the decision to invade Normandy (aka D-Day). Because it's summer you can buy tickets to go into the State Rooms of Buckingham Palace, and they had a "huge" exhibition with 80 of the Queen's dresses to celebrate her 80th Birthday, oh the dresses were "beautiful", she was a tiny lady when she was younger, well she still is now really, and the Palace itself is gorgeous - they had pink chairs!! Besides this I've been to Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, the outside of the Tower of London where the Crown Jewels are kept but I really want to go inside so I might do that in the next couple of weeks, I saw the London Eye and had lunch in Hyde Park.

The party life here is great, there's soooooo many pubs and clubs to choose from so of course during the night you can't just stay at one club/pub you have to go to at least three and drink lots at every one. I went out with Shell and her house mate Stacey on Friday night to meet Scotty who's Shell's brother and his mates, it was in Clapham Common which is a nice area with heaps of bars, we went to a nice bar and I got into one of my "major chat moods" and randomly went around talking to different English men, then I found myself sharing the black love, ha I had to laugh at myself the next day cause I was in the toilets chatting to various gorgeous black women telling them how beautiful they were and they were like "Oh thanks love you're the best give me a hug" so then next thing I'm hugging all these random girls and I think it was at that point I clicked into reality and thought what the hell am I doing I should be hugging gorgeous black men not women!! Saturday night Linda and I went out with an Irish guy we met in Germany, nice guy who's name is Daibhid pronounced Darvid, he's great fun and good for a laugh, once Linda and I got drunk we started with the "I've got a problem with my gogo mobile, G O G G O", he had no clue what we were going on about, or that beer add - "Brilliant!!", I guess Irish adds to them aren't quite as funny, maybe they have funny one's with Aussie's in them. On Saturday night we checked out a few areas, went to Leicester Square and Covent Garden, both buzzing nightlife locations and pretty too, Covent Garden is known for it's many cafes, restaurants and bars and is always packed, we got given flyers for free entry to an R&B Club only to go in and find them playing RETRO - oh well we like Retro and it eventually turned into R&B, was a pretty funny club, as soon as I sat down I spotted an older lady wearing glowing p*nis earrings, a girl dancing with no shoes and a guy practically banging this girl on a pole - nice, oh well we all have our trash bag nights - Mick I know you've had a few recently, hehehe!!

It's been fun living with the girls, they dragged me out of bed on Sunday to go to the pub and we had a lovely afternoon, it's just fun having such an alive house all the time. James West's been staying there too and him and I had a funny experience cooking, he assumed I could cook and I assumed he could cook and the whole thing went down hill from there. All we were cooking was bacon and eggs but there was smoke pouring out of the house like it was on fire, you literally couldn't see each other clearly through the smoke, the bacon turned out yellow somehow and the eggs turned out black, it was so gross, James ate it though surprised he's still alive really.

So some lessons I've learned so far:

1. Seeded Mustard in England is hot English mustard mixed with seeds, not like at home where it's relatively mild and tangy, so as a warning don't do what I did and pack it on your baguette because you might very well DIE!! I was in so much pain, my nose felt like it was on fire and I think I've possibly lost my sense of smell - It was much like our first Vietnamese roll experience Anthea!!

2. Don't stand on a flight of stairs with your backpack on and lean forwards because you might fly head first down the stairs into the wall and rickashay backwards and then get stuck in the bottom of a stairwell like I did.

3. Don't drink and pass out at a friends house where you've never been before because you might wake up during the night looking for the bathroom and walk into there wooden draws, mirrored wardrobe and bed side table and wake up with various bruises and sore limbs.

4. The flag which is white with a red cross is not the Swiss flag like Linda and I thought, it's the St George Cross - woops, sounded like quite an idiot a few times with that one.

Alright guys well now you've got my personal email you can email me and I'll respond more regularly, don't worry about sending them cause as of next week I'm on my own and they won't know if I'm getting personal emails - well I hope not anyway, and it's super quiet here so I'll welcome the emails to give me things to do!! My birthday is in 3 weeks, so 21 August, YOU MUST PUT THIS DATE IN YOUR DIARY IT'S VERY IMPORTANT!! Juz, Linda and I are going to Amsterdam to celebrate it, Aims is going to be away which is a shame but I'll do something with her before she leaves. You have my address to send presents, flowers, chocolates, hot men, yourselves, I look forward to receiving all the presents you've been collecting for me over the past year... Whatever you want really!!

I hope you're all looking after yourselves and are well. Missing you guys lots and lots!!

Love ya's



P.S. I've got plenty of photos but need to dowload them so I'll get some to you soon - promises!!

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