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Our gunman in the back!


Oct 22 Faisalabad and Peshawar

On our way to the Khyber pass we noticed a sign off the motorway (yes there is a motorway in Pakistan and very good it is too, empty, fast and cheap) to Faisabal where I remembered that Pakistan was playing Sri Lanka in a test match. So off we went arriving just before the cricket stated. The game was great fun especially as we had the local Pakistani comedians behind us! Everytime Karen went past they said "Hello darling!", presumably a chatup line they learnt at school as even the policeman call Karen "Darling". At the lunch break we continued to Peshawar getting stuck in some roadworks. Complete chaos the road was divided into two and one side was blocked, we of course were on that side. Everyone had to turn round and go back to the other side not easy with buses, lorries all trying to turn round simultaneously! Eventually arrive in Peshawar in the dark, had the now customary fun finding the way. Karen has developed a strategy we look for young people driving cars to ask, in fact often people will drive up beside us and seeing we are looking confused ask in good English if they can help.

Our hotel the Khan Klub was beautiful. The room was loverly and the food fab. David of course thought it too expensive at 35,000 rupees (35pounds). Not much for the fantastic ambiance and comfort.

23Oct Khyber Pass

The next day we went to get our permit and gunman to visit the Khyber pass. We needed a small gunman to fit in the back! We did take the roof off to give more room. At the top we could see into Afghanistan. A lorry had fallen off the road halfway up. As at the Bolan pass there was also a railway up the pass with many tunnels and forts build by the Brits.

24 Oct Islamabad

The next day we decided to drive into the mountains to get away from the city pollution to the Swat valley. This was not to be, just as we were about to enter the mountains there was a long queue of lorries and we think that a rock slide had closed the road. So we tried to go another way after four hours driving we found ourselves back on the road to Lahore about 20 minutes from where we had started. By this time it too late so we went to Islamabad (capital of Pakistan) which was a planned city with wide roads, no traffic jams and all the government building. But the hotel was awful one of the worse we have stayed in.

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