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Yummy carrot cake

Come and get your piece

That's a lot of cake

Cathedral Square with red and black ribbons and the tent with the...

Warming up before the game

Anja's new friend at the soccer game

Anja insisted on trying to win the chocolate, and was bummed when...

Donna from Science Alive and her husband Andrew

Nice form - must have been a strike!

Look'n good - definitely not a gutter ball this time

Last weekend we were social animals!! The fun started on Friday night when we went to an improv comedy show called the Early Early Late Show. It's basically the show at 8 pm instead of the late show at 10 called Scared Scriptless. We sat in the second row of the intimate venue, and as the hostess asked for volunteers and most everyone averted eye contact, lucky Anja got picked to be the 'personal assistant'. Nothing too embarrassing, but she did get to wear eye glasses and check off the 'to-do' list for the hostess. The show was pretty funny, particularly when two audience members were called on stage and we learned they were a 16 year old female student and young looking woman teacher out on a group birthday party. A little awkward to say the least!! The evening wound down at a wine bar where we were supposed to meet up with my friend Dallas, but he had to cancel. We did meet his friend who worked at the bar, and she ended up giving us a nice discount. Lucky us!

Saturday was the best! Anja had taken the day off from work, and timely enough, we learned Christchurch would be celebrating its 150th birthday with a party in Cathedral Square. Of course we had to attend and contribute some American spirit. We blended in well, various statues were decorated with red and black ribbons, there was music and performances, a wizard, clowns, etc, but the best was the cake. Check this out: it was a whopping 150 meters long (over 1 and ½ football fields), and was a carrot cake including 300 kg of carrots, 120 kg of walnuts, 30 liters of lemon juice and 150kg of cream cheese, weighing in at a grand total of 2400 kg. That's over 5,200 pounds of cake. Hopefully the pictures give you a good idea of what it was like.

Later in the afternoon Anja came to my soccer game. Maybe the game was fun to watch, but I think she had more fun hanging out with the dogs running around the park. It was a good win for my team, I should have had a goal but the keeper made a nice save, and I didn't hurt myself which is always a major plus. Although my left big toe nail is blue and a tad painful, so I punctured a little hole in it to relieve some pressure and now it feels much better.

Saturday night we met up with some of Anja's friends from Science Alive and went out for thai food. Other than the late reservation at 8, then a long wait for the food, it was tasty. We capped off the evening at the bowling alley with the disco ball and music pumping, staying up way past our bedtime. Haven't done that in a while! Sunday was back to normal with Anja at work and I hung around the cottage. Not sure we can keep up with all this socializing, but we'll try :)

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