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Looking for that spot on the Snake River... boy the water was...

Luckily there are no venomous snakes around here! We saw 5 of...

Nice catch Travis!

Nice catch Denise!

Muddy girl!

What a mess!

See Mom... it comes off!

Almost clean!

Water is a little cold with the wind blowing

Good as clean? Close.

Drying out the clothes at the mud hole.

EV and his little friend he made himself!

EV made this himself... its his medieval times knight... notice the sword...

The Snake River. The kids mudhole is behind the stump on the...

Yes, I do exist from behind the camera!

Heading home after a long fun day!

Today we spent touring Yellowstone on the South. We ended up most of the day at the Snake River on the South Entrance Trailhead. We found another 'perfect fishing spot' and ended up staying there for most of the afternoon. The kids found the perfect mud hole on the river while Travis and I took turns pulling fish out of the water. Between the two of us, we caught 4 different species of fish, the largest one (Travis caught) was almost 18 inches! Unfortunatly, this is Travis last day of vacation, so it will be our last day of full day fishing and touring... but that doesn't mean that we won't hit the water as soon as he is finished for the day (which is around 3pm here... gives us 5 hours outside!)

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