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Beginning Smokejumper Class

Learning about a Smokejumper's job

Lighting the fire to explain how preventative deforestation prevents larger, more destructive,...

Look at the 'forest' burn!

See the 'trees' in the front right corner? They barely got burnt...

Time for PT (physical training) to be a Smokejumper.

EV needed a little help with his situps!

He needed chin-up help too!

JR needed chin-up help too! But she beat everyone in the 1/4...

Now its time to suit up!

What did I get myself in to?

Getting more stuff on!

This parachute is really heavy!

Help, I'm falling over! Its too heavy!

Thumbs up! No really, her thumb is up!

OK... get this stuff off now! I'm not quite ready to be...

Good job Junior Smoke Rangers!

Junior Smokejumpers

Junior Smokejumpers

Today the children earned their Junior Smokejumpers Pins and T-shirts. Three local Smoke Jumpers held a very interesting class about fire, fire safety, forest ecology and what it takes to be a Smoke Jumper. JR was lucky enough to feel firsthand how heavy the protective suit and gear is when she got to be an honorary smoke jumper! Yellowstone has Junior SmokeJumper classes every morning and do a wonderful job!

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