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Arcos - Views from the city

Arcos - View from our hotel room

Day 1-3, Arcos de la Frontera:

Arcos de la Frontera ("Arcos") is a small town atop a large hill about two hours (by bus) south east of Seville (towards Gibraltar and Morocco). Arcos is the largest of the so called "white villages" that many years ago served as the front line of the Christians' battle to recapture Spain from the Moors. As we quickly found out, Arcos today is a fairly sleepy little town (with some nice views of the countryside below). Our hotel was situated at the top of the hill in the historic area of town. Besides a couple of nice old churches there was really nothing terribly interesting to check out in the town. We spent the majority of our time walking (getting lost) through the tight cobblestone streets and admiring the old white buildings that made up the town. Locals far outnumbered the tourists. In fact, there was so little to do in Arcos that we found ourselves peering into open doors and windows to see what the locals where up to. There was the shirtless old man that sat on the couch (around 10pm) near his open front door to watch TV. There were the three old ladies that sat in lawn chairs in front of their apartment talking until late at night. There were the 30 or so teenagers that would drive by (multiple times) the outdoor restaurants in their scooters and rev the engine to get attention. After three days in Arcos we had the local scene down pretty well. One of the coolest things about Arcos is that it sits atop a two or three hundred foot high hill with sharp cliffs all around the town. When you get to the edge of town in any direction you can look straight down a few hundred feet. The views were pretty sweet. After three nights in Arcos we caught the bus back to Seville, where we would stay for one night in order to catch the bullfight.

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