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Ice cream break!

A Great Fishing Spot!

River playing!

Mom's first fish of the day!

Fun in the river

Underwater colors and bugs.

Yellowstone Day 2

After a very long and tiring day yesterday, we slept in. We set out around lunch time and went to the local fly fishing shops to find out what was 'hot' for the different areas. After stocking up, we hit the park again ready for another day of adventure. The kids built many 'castles and forts along the rivers and painted many rocks with mud. They sure enjoy playing in the park along the river. Travis and I take turns going in the deeper water and wandering farther away so that we are always on either side of the kids and one of us is always close. They make so much noise, which we encourage here, that most of the animals are scared off (which is good while we are fishing!) We all fished with the buffalo tonight in a wide area of the river where the buffalo were grazing on the opposite side. As the sun set and we started back toward the car, we noticed a very large bull buffalo was coming down our path! The kids were frightened, but we slowly went back down the hill and waited for him to meander to the river on a different path. We were never close enough to be in danger, but it sure got our hearts beating fast to be so close!

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