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Peek a boo with elk

Awesome Falls!

Sheepeater Cliffs

I'm sure there is something holding that bridge up!

Mammoth Hot Springs Terrace

Incredible Hot Springs pool and vent

Mammoth Hot Springs Dropoff

Orange Spring Mound

Orange Spring Mound

Orange Spring from another side

What a Girl Scout!

Fun at the river beach

Get 'em Dad!

You got 'em Dad! Nice catch!

Masterpiece in the mud!

Do we have to leave aleady?

Entering Montana... quick go across the road!

Now Entering Wyoming... go to the other side!

OK... 45th Parallel.. now get back in the car we got all...

What a sunset on the way home...

Do you see the sheep stuck in the rock!?

Mammoth Springs from the bottom

Mammoth Springs still at the bottom

Mammoth Springs... looks like snow!

Roosevelt Arch at the North Entrance to the park

North Entrance sign

Roosevelt arch silly guy

Yellowstone Day 3

Whew, what a long day again yesterday! We ended up sleeping in again and didn't head out until lunchtime today. Of course, that still gave us almost 10 hours of fishing and sight seeing! And we used every minute of it. We still saw lots of awesome sights and did a lot of exploring. Mammoth Springs was incredible from any angle and every height. Orange Mound Spring was a beauty and JR found that a sheep was 'hiding' in the mound, but all you could see was its backside sticking out! Kids have wonderful imaginations!

We spent a lot of the day fishing again today and had better luck than yesterday. The kids had a wonderful day playing the whatever river we stopped at and loved finding treasures and creating masterpieces!

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