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The kids at Gibbon's Falls

Steamboat Geyser

On the trail below Steamboat

Monarch Geyser Crater

Overlooking the large basin...

Very dangerous area! Worse than thin ice!

Our first buffalo sighting... but not our last!

I loved the winding river with the buffalo!

Of course we saw Old Faithful!

So did everyone else! Couldn't believe the seating... Lot different than when...

Bald Eagle or Golden Eagle?

Beautiful beast.

Back Basin Trail

Be Careful!

Minute Geyser... such a shame

Working on the Jr. Ranger Patch

Playing in the river while fishing

Yeah, they love it!

Learning about vents and geysers

After a good rest, we started out on our Yellowstone adventure, Day 1.

Yellowstone is HUGE! We aren't sure if we will see as much as we would like to in 10 days, but we will do our best! Our first stop inside the park was to get the kids their Jr. Ranger packets. Yellowstone Park does patchwork instead of badge work, and it is broken down into Wolf and Bear patches. Both kids will work on both badges as we are here. Our drive today took us to some spectacular spots. We learned about geysers vs. springs and listened to a wonderful talk by the ranger called "What's Cooking" which explained the differences in the parks percolating parts. Amazing to think that we were on a huge dynamic 'hot spot' in the earth. Our drive took us up, down and around beautiful land. We were able to spot a large herd of buffalo on our way to visit 'Old Faithful'. The kids weren't as impressed with it, not really grasping the 'faithful' part and how it's amazing that it can be so faithful, but they enjoyed it nonetheless. We spent all day in the park, stopping and doing our tourist bit, but also stopping at every potentially perfect fishing spot! The kids loved getting in the water, as it was wonderfully warm, and I was able to fish without waders. We both were able to catch a couple fish and had a marvelous time. The evening was capped off with a view of what we suspect was a juvenile Bald Eagle next to what we know is a Bald Eagle nest. It's possible it was a Golden Eagle, but we will take a picture to the Ranger and see if they can tell.

We didn't get home until almost 11pm! Tomorrow is another day...

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