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What a trip! We left Ft. Collins, Colorado and drove almost 14 hours to West Yellowstone in one day. We decided to take the roundabout way, driving over 800 miles in total. Upon leaving Ft. Collins area, we 'turned left' and drove to Salt Lake City, Utah for lunch. After a very friendly stopover, we 'turned right' and hit Idaho Falls, Idaho for an early evening snack. We ended up at the KOA in West Yellowstone sometime around dark and tried to settle in for the evening. We did NOT like the KOA at all! When I was checking in, I asked about high speed internet (the webpage said it had it, but there must have been 20 people sitting on the sidewalk outside their door, all with laptops!). The guy at the desk very curtly replied "well this isn't the Hilton"... I knew right there we wouldn't be staying long if we could help it! Very deceiving webpage. The site that we had was very tight and terraced up a hill, not at all like was described to us as being a 'luxury site'. The spot was barely long enough for our rig and we felt like if we bumped out both slides on the downhill side that we would just roll down the hill! We had a heck of a time getting leveled and our jacks kept sinking in the ground. I suppose if you had a smaller rig and could get down on the flat land it wouldn't be bad. But we were exhausted after the long drive and figured it was better than a Wal-Mart parking lot, but only because we had electricity!

The next morning, we took off into town in search of another RV park. As it turns out, there is an AWESOME campground in town called Grizzly RV which is BY FAR a lot nicer, friendlier, flatter, greener and wide open... and $15 a night less expensive! We are within walking distance to anything in town, and can ride our bikes anywhere! We moved the next day and will be here for the duration of our stay. http://www.grizzlyrv.com/

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