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D1 ...The town they filmed Gladiator in (starring Russel Crow)

D1 ...Castles made of dirt!

D1 ...Still in use

D1 ...... A real Oasis


D2...The Casba, lets rock it!

D2...Rug Pusher

D2...Abdula and Rasheem, joking guys its Martin and I... shucks


D2...The Trek Begins

D2...Our new pals

D2...Eat zour heart out Mr. Lawrence of Arabia

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A real hotel!

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Camels. Hah.

Back on our own again, just like the old days...

So we get up bright and early to set out for the most foreign of lands. The Sahara desert. The harshest of harsh... no life survives here unscathed by its sandy scourge...

Yah, so we hop in the collectivo full of tourists and head our on our 13 hour 2 day drive. It's a really nice road out there and the countryside is stunning. It was good to have an interesting mix of travelers with us too. The first day we pulled into a little gas station to grab a coke and whatever when on the TV comes on this Hezbolah recruiting video. It was hardcore and all Stalin Russia style with deep bellow singers bellowing and tubas in the background and stuff. Showing gory pictures and trying to recruit to the cause, then with the music still playing they cut to a Hezbolah news cast showing all the stuff going on in Lebanon and have a call in show to boot. Really interesting, pretty intense.

The hotel they put us in was fantastic and the meal great. Couscous again. The guy running it was a crook, as we are finding out is usually the case and tried to get all 4 rooms to pay the full bill on all of our rooms the night before as we has sat out on the patio for a couple of drinks. Ballsy, and pretty much common place around this place. Incredibly frustrating and really tarnishes your image of a country. I have had 70 % of my exchanges with these people leading them to trying to fast talk my out of my cash, some change, extra bill charges. It's sick, for a people that claim to be so devout and where they boast that petty crime is not a problem. I guess it's a case of definitions for me. Oh well.

We saw a fantastic canyon the second day with massive narrow walls and a fresh water stream running though it. We stopped for lunch and it was pretty delicious as is often the case. Moroccan food is surprisingly mild and quite tasty.

The camel ride into the Sahara itself was totally awesome. You're sore as hell when you get off those things as well. What a goofy looking animal. The desert was really amazing with its massive dunes and cool little camp. The sand was harder then Chile desert sand but there was FAR more of this stuff and is blown hard when it blew. Head wraps highly recommended. The camp had no facilities but they had these really cool little Berber traditional tents. Like from the caravan days n stuff. We opted to sleep outside since it was warm and the stars were freakishly stunning. We saw dozens of shooting stars and one that looked like it may have hit the earth haha... no joke. The food was great, Tangine. We had a little camp drum competition while others just lazed around. It was really chilled out. One of the best experiences of the trip so far. The ride back was long as Heck.

So we said our goodbyes and were on our way.

Btw, this tour was really good but you have to remember to look around the block when you stop for food or drinks as they take you to overpriced commission based stops and you can usually find good reasonable food just down the street. Barksy tip of the day.


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