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Innuskshuk - hockey style

Lake view

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Rolling hills

The scenic Seine River

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John gets it back together

Wind power - blade

Wind power - blade

Day 32 Taylor's Cove to Quetico


AVERAGE SPEED 25.3 km/hr


Morning - no wind - calm - about 16 degrees went to a high of 28 degrees with more humidity then we have experienced - welcome to Ontario... Last night they had forecasted cloudy with 80 5 change of rain all day - but luckily they were wrong.. Everyone were putting on their temporary fenders and digging out their rain gear last night - only to put it all always this morning .

Continued right on hwy 11 - lots of rolling hills 10 to 25 variety . Still lots of beautiful scenery - primarily the lakes

. One thing we see a lot of along the road is Innukshuks that people have built - a great variety of quality - one of the more interesting was a hockey Innukshuk .

After about 30 kms & a restaurant break Peter caught up to us and we continued with a draft train of 3 - good working.

More rolling hills

and rivers like the Seine

At lunch (110 km) we met up with John , who had a flat

. John joined us for a four person draft - this group works well together...

Three very large "wide loads" passed us . We caught up top them at a rest stop for picture opportunity .

. They were hauling propellers for wind turbines being constructed in the Gaspé Bay Peninsula - They are manufactured in North Dakota and transported by truck & trailer to Quebec - Each wing is 122 ft in length & will go onto a 300 - 400 ft tower... Really cooperative team of drivers who said that they watched closely for cyclists and would slow down & wait for passing vehicles "Cyclists belong on the road also" this is generally the same approach & attitude that we get form most drivers..

Got a picture from others of some of the party group have a short nap by the road -

- this practice not recommended without parental supervision and or traffic watchers.

Speed of pedalling is an interest aspect of cycling - I generally go about 60 to 75 rpm - a "cranker or pusher" , with gears relatively high - most others are "spinners" going at 85 to 100 rpms . Another variation of the pusher is Caroline who trained on a stair master and rides the bike the same way - standing up on most hills & just pushing - she only uses the large crank on her front disks - the other two are brand new-unused. Each is a personal preference - although spinning is easier on the knees & anyone with a former knee problem is spinning . Does not affect drafting as long as everyone is turning the wheels at the same speed..

Quetico is a beautiful Ontario Provincial Park - quite large & long along a lake - we were at the very end of the site - a 3km gravel road - not the best for our bikes. Great beach ( sandy ) and warmest water to date..

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