Erin and Mel's mini OE 2006 travel blog

Where we stayed

The hill we missioned up!

The Monastery at the top

The view

A traditional Greek house

Luckily for us our ferry from Mykonos to Paros was only a 2 hrs. We arrived in Paros and discovered we weren't staying with our busabout group (not really that fazed on not staying with this group) but after a little searching we found our accommodation which happened to be an apartment with it's own bathroom and kitchen. Doesn't sound like a big deal but with the travelling we've done so far it is!

Since we are in the middle of a heat wave we headed straight to the beach. We've found the beaches here to be a bit like the shorelines of lakes in NZ. A bit stoney and rocky but still pretty good.

Paros is a quieter island, which was exactly what we needed after Mykonos!

We spent our second day doing a tour of the island. We climbed a mamouth hill to get a monastery which had an amazing view we could enjoy once we finally caught our breath!

The next stop was a very cute traditional greek village that all the older men and women sat watching with great interest as we walked by. After a couple of beach visits it was home to cook dinner. Spaghetti, a tin of tomatos and a bottle of wine for 7 euros, can't really go wrong!!

Ciao for now


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