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We drove back to Christchurch through what is known as McKenzie country, named after a local folk-hero who stole sheep back in the 19th century. The scallywag.

After being spoilt by fantastic landscapes throughout this trip, we thought we had more or less seen everything there was to see. However, as we drove through the Lindis Pass, we were treated to a subtlely different type of tussock and grassland landscape that was very beautiful in its own way.

We also stopped by the shores of Lake Tekapo where there is a beautiful little church which has a fantastic view through its east window over the lake. According to the guide there (who bizarrely was a Buddhist), it was hugely popular with the Japanese tourists for weddings. We thought about for a minute - but only for a minute.

It was incredibly hot today, and the grass was tinder-dry. There had already been a number of wildfires around Christchurch in the last week so we didn't want to linger too long.

We made it back to Christchurch by about 5pm and we chanced our luck back at the Stonehurst to see if we could get our old room back a day early. We were in luck and soon we were back in what strangely felt like our home, though of course we knew it was not.

Now we just need to get ready for Christmas and buy some more suntan lotion as the weather is expected to be hot and sunny for the next few days. It will be our first Southern Hemisphere Christmas, so we are looking forward to having a barbie and salad out on the deck...

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