Glenda's Adventures with Daisy 2006-07 travel blog

LoW-Hi RV Ranch - Fountain and Fish Pond

MONDAY through WEDNESDAY, July 17-19

These three days weren't very exciting. The weather was still uncomfortably hot but at least we didn't have any more dust storms. Every day we had dark clouds in late afternoon but they were just teasing us. We got only a few rain drops -- just enough to make our vehicles look like Dalmatians.

Our Monday evening potluck turned out well, with a good variety of foods. My Jell-O was well received. Here's my recipe, in case you're wondering about it (you ARE wondering, aren't you?): Heat 1 cup of lemon-lime Powerade. Stir in lemon Jell-O and 3 ounces of plain cream cheese and mix well. Add a handful of small pecan pieces. Of course you could use other flavors of gelatin and sports drink.

Every day I kept hoping to receive my new member packet from Passport America, a discount RV travel club. Members receive a 50% discount at over a thousand participating campgrounds in North America. I joined on July 13 and paid $5 extra to have the packet sent via priority mail. I was told that it should arrive within three to five days. According to the 'old' math, that would mean delivery by at least July 18. No such luck; so I called the customer service number and asked them to fax me something to prove that I'm a member. They were very quick to respond. Also, the LoW-Hi office issued me a temporary member card and let me borrow their copy of the Passport America directory. I scanned all the pages for the states I'm planning to visit on this trip. That's a lot of scanning!

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