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Carla and a neighborhood church, Notre Dame

The dining room of our tiny apartment

Shopping at our neighborhood marche

Distracted by bread enroute to the Hair Club

In the garden of the Rodin Museum

Sailing in the Luxembourg Gardens

Strolling from the Tuilleries to the Louvre

Wendy's Dijon entry, circa 1715

Lunch is served on the terrace in Dijon

A lovely table in the sun

Wendy and David's country home in Jailly

The ducks in the garden... they stroll to the river for a...

Wendy says, "Just don't turn your back on them!"

Chef and sous chef at Jailly

Very fresh duck eggs for our omlette

Everyone loves Paris, those who've lived there, those who've visited, and even those who would like to visit the City of Light. In June we rented a tiny apartment in the Latin Quarter and got to spend three weeks there. The Latin Quarter, the 5th arrondissement, is on the left bank, a short walk from the Louvre, d'Orsay, Luxembourg Gardens, the Pantheon, St. Severain's exquisite church, and Isle de la Cité where Notre Dame proudly stands.

Our visit corresponded with the warm temperatures that have been the bane of most of the western world this summer, so we spent quite a few of our afternoons exploring Paris's splendid tree-shaded gardens and parks in search of a cool breeze. There we painted, read, and honed our sudoku skills. Our own neighborhood was filled with small ethnic restaurants and visited by a fine little market three days a week—fresh fish, meat, vegetables, and the most wonderful cheeses you can imagine


The real highlight of our visit, however, took place out of Paris. We were invited by our (and, in many cases, your) lifelong friend, Wendy Burnham Kuhn

, who has lived in and near Dijon since the mid-1960's. Wendy and her husband David have a charming old farmhouse in Jailly in the Burgundy countryside, and a lovely early-18th-Century apartment in the heart of Dijon. Wendy, David, their flock of ducks and two cantankerous geese hosted us for a most pleasant taste of true French country living with a garden-fresh dinner, fantastic Burgundy wine, and homemade scones and jam for breakfast that would make the Tuck Box envious.

Altogether, our Paris (and Burgundy) time was as good as it gets. We hope these few photos give you the flavor!

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