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Hi all,

Situated on the beautiful island of Mindoro about 110 kilometers south of Manila, Puerto Galera is far enough away to escape the hustle and bustle of the big city crowds, yet within easy traveling distance from Manila International Airport. Figure about two hours from Manila to the port of Batangas and then another hour by ferry to Puerto Galera.

The diving here is Magic. And the nightlife isn't bad either! I did cop two typhoons in the 12 days i was there, but that didn't affect the diving too much.

The ease of the diving was a highlight for me. The team at action divers, dive at 9am, noon, 3pm and then maybe a nightdive.

So at 0845 wander the 50m down a cliff to the dive shop, set your gear up, your gear is then loaded on the boat for you, then a quick dive brief, a 5 minute boat ride to your divesite and at 0915 your breathing bubbles, Magic!.

Then on shore for a lazy breakfast, quick nap and then repeat all again :-)

After all that though, most of the time your in bed at 9pm so the nightlife had to do without me for several nights :-)

There are several purpose sunk wrecks just of the coast that make awsum artificial reefs and attract all sorts of critters. Creepy frogfish, stonefish, lionfish, batfish, turtles, sea snakes and massive moray eels. The coral is quite amazining too.

Sorry no photos as i don't own an uderwater camera, (yet) ! and iv'e lost my lead from my camera phone to my lappy, oh well back to the digital........

Take care all, hope your all apples


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