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Manta Ray Bay

Our resort bar

Contemplating 'stuff' on the beach

After a good sleep (the only one in Fiji that I would have air conditioned) and breakfast (strangely without garlic) it was off for a full-on sunbathe on deck while half the boat went looking for Manta Rays. Annoyingly they found some, and spent 1/2 hour chasing after them, which must have been amazing.

Sadly, it was all too soon to move off the boat. After another garlic lunch we packed and got on the sister-ship for the short jaunt to Manta Ray Bay Resort. Following the customary welcome song as we found ourselves in a new-looking resort, not suprising, as it was only 2 years old. It was owned and run by a Swiss couple and was a change again from the resorts run around villagers. For instance, the toilet was waterless and built over a cesspit so the waste could be used as fertilizer (useful on Fiji's poor soils). Oddly enough, the toilet smelt far less than your typical toilet.

I felt knackered - a combination of too much sunbathing & a garlic diet I think - so I slept while the others had another go at coconut bracelet making. Dinner was amazing - the best Fijian food I had all holiday - a buffet with about 10 different dishes, all freshly made (and no garlic!) and presented on leaves.

It was Noosh's last night in Fiji as, unlike us layabouts, she had get back to work. So we drank sundowner cocktails at the bar and, after the sun went down, lay on the beach, watched the night sky and contemplated stuff. Fiji is a very good place to contemplate stuff, especially at night when, rather than just seeing stars, you can see the whole of the Milky Way in breathtaking detail. I don't think it would ever be possible to see such a sight in England.

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