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Lake Manapouri on the way to Doubtful Sound

Doubtful Sound


More Reflection

Double Waterfalls

Double Rainbows

Dolphins Swimming Next to the Boat

I didn't think it was possible, but Doubtful Sound is more spectacular than Milford Sound. It is less well-known, so many people haven't seen it... which translates into less people, fewer boats and more nature!

This trip included a 45 minute boat ride across Lake Manapouri which is filled with interesting islands that were carved out when the glaciers formed the lake and the fiords. We then drove through the Wilmot Pass for 45 minutes... Wilmot Pass is the most expensive road in New Zealand due to how treacherous it was to build since it is literally carved through the mountains. Finally, we arrived at Deep Cove where we boarded a ferry to go out on the sound.

Doubtful is a bit different than Milford. First of all, it has a lot less of the snow capped mountains... the entrance to the sound includes more hills with dense foliage with mountains behind them. The water is more turquoise in color and there are dolphins, seals and penguins along the way.

There is no way to really explain how fantastic it was... so check out the pictures. Absolutely amazing.


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