Jane and Terry - Around the World 21st May '04 to 20th April '05 travel blog

View from living room and bedroom in our apartment, just stunning!

12,000ft and about to jump!!!

Terry took this photo of Wanaka as he was parachuting from 5000ft...

Terry just as his parachute had opened...amazing!!!

Big kids at Puzzleland, there was a maze and everyfink!!!


It's a real shame, New Zealand is obviously stunning but the rain means we haven't been able to see as much of the S Island as we would have liked. Having said that we arrived in Wanaka with blues skies, fluffy clouds, a beautiful lake and snowy mountains and that's the view from our apartment. Upgraded AGAIN but worth the view! Gorgeous little town with great cafes and shops.

TS - Wanaka was picture-perfect. Beautiful scenery, quite a small place, and very few tourists. Our room was amazing looking onto the Lake and the mountains, and it had sky! I spent 1 morning watching 2 Premiership footie matches back to back. Had just planned to chill out, but the weather was so good that Jane suggested I skydive. 3pm rang up, 4pm I was on the plane climbing up to 12,000ft. Unbelievable. It was last-minute that I probably did not have time to worry about it too much. 1 of the best things I have ever done. Free-fell for 7,000ft, about 45 seconds. It didn't feel that long. You can jump from lower and higher, I went for the middle option. It was, get ready for it....absolutely AMAZING. Have a video (not DVD!) of the whole thing to bore you all to death with.

Final day went to Puzzleworld in Wanaka. Jane loved it.....Could have spent hours on the mind puzzles and games they had in the cafe there. All sorts of MENSA stuff.

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