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Typical breakfast at 7 am

Wheat fields of Manitoba - combines ready for action

Tractor trailer for wheat - recieves grain at 25kph

Manitoab Whiteshell Provincial Park

First siting of Canadian Shiled

Manitoba Forests as we heqad east

Rolling hills of the Shield

ONTARIO - 3 down - 7 to go

Ontario - Jim.Peter, Bob & John - the drafting team

Kenora from the entranceway

Day 28 Beausejour to Kenora


AVERAGE SPEED 26.9 km/hr


Another nice day - sunny with clouds & temperatures to about 26. Winds light & mostly behind us . Good cycling times today.

Travelled along hwy 44 to the border then hwy 17 into Kenora.

Breakfast picture

Starting out in the day there were still lots of wheat fields

. The harvesting of the wheat is really high tech. The harvesters travel at about 30kph and blow the grain into large tractor trailers that move along side.


The terrain changed dramatically over the day . We soon entered Whiteshell Provincial Park

, the introduction of Manitoba forests, and soon into a first glimpse of the great Canadian Shield

- this of course brought the rolling hills - and lots of them.... Soon we were at the Ontario Border

4 down & only 6 to go.. Over one month to cover the first three and it will we almost 3 ½ weeks to cross Ontario. At this point we were joined by Pete ( Point Moody ) & John , and continued effectively as a 4 person bike train.

. More rock and rolling hills the rest of the day


Rolled in Kenora and Lake of the Woods mid afternoon - long hilly ride...

Kenora was initially founded in the late 1700s by HBC as a fur trading posts and over the years was a mining center then pulp and paper and now primarily tourism for the cottagers , mainly from Winnipeg and eastern Manitoba. Lots of "Tobies" as they are called here . Lake of the Woods - 73,000 kms of lake shore line , 16,500 islands , one body of water stretching 70 kms east & 90 kms west of Kenora - lots of room for cottages & there are ..

Thundershowers in late afternoon - had my tent up by then - many were caught in the rain which finished by about 7 pm .We did supper that night - preparation was done during the rain - in the back of the truck - We made a recipe that I had brought form home - Chicken and snow peas & ginger stir fry on egg noodles - went over extremely well many mentioned it was the best meal that they had so far -.

Some ventured into town in the early evening - the party group went in about 1100 pm and got back about 330 am - opening truck (lots of noise) giggling and one person with a 90db voice - enough that woke almost everyone - including the other group of riders ( one day ahead of us & overlap on first evening of rest days) - It is all part of the experience & I am sure there will be more activities like that.

Thundershowers in late afternoon - had my tent up by then - many were caught in the rain which finished by about 7 pm .

tomorrow is rest day

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