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Finishing the food at Totaranui

View from Gibbs Hill

Back to Square One

This is our last day on the track, but we have gone as far south as we want to. Instead, we caught water-taxi to take us back up to Totaranui so we could walk back over the top to the start via Gibbs Hill.

The boat trip was quite interesting as it took back along the coast so we could see where we had come. We got close to Tonga Island, where we could see the Seal colony up close.

At Totaranui, we finished up the last of our food and Jane got very excited at being able to dump our rubbish at last (you have take your own litter out of the park).

Kate was in two minds about coming over the top as it was a very steep ascent to 500m and the packs were still quite heavy. In the end she decided to go for it and we set off up the hill. On the way up, it was really hot sunshine, but once at the top we were shrouded in cloud, so we couldn't appreciate the views at all. Shame, but we did get tantalising glimpses over Wainui Bay.

We made it back to the start of the walk mid-afternoon and signed ourselves out of the register (so the search parties wouldn't be sent out), then picked up the car and headed back to Takaka. We had had a thoroughly enjoyable time on the walk (except for the sandflies and snorers) and it was a very beautiful place.

Jane had decided to have one more night of comparative luxury at Tony and Kath's with us, and we would be joined later by Maz, who wanted to come into town anyway. We went back to the Wholemeal Café to eat and chatted away together. Maz was very excited as she had finally kick-started a long held desire to set up a retreat centre in the area, and she had finally got interested people together to get the plan rolling. It sounded like she had a lot to do, but it was inspiring to talk to someone who was finally chasing down their dreams.

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