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Beachworth, Victoria




Bob, with Sam looking curiously on...

A rare moment of quiet!

Morgan posing for the camera!

Deidre with Morgan, Laura & Stella (L - R)

Now thats our kinda wine bottle!!!!

Fri 22/10 Rain \


Surprise, surprise - rain again!!! Got the 7.30am bus to Albury, which takes 8hrs - I'm now 3.5hrs intot he journey, and it's still raining!! There's only about 10 people on the bus, including a really sweet little old lady who I've been chatting to.

Deidre met me off the bus,Shane's brother Darren came to say a quick hi (I met him in York), and then his sister Sonia came & took me back to her place for drinkies, whilst Deidre finished work.... met the three girls - Morgan, Stella and Laura - forewarned is forearmed, I knew Morgan was a little chatterbox - how true!! They're lovely kids - FULL of mischief! Sonia's hubby Matthew is a character, he reckons I'm going to find the outback 'spiritual'???... Got to the farm just before 7pm, it's great to meet everyone after all the pictures I've seen, and stories I've heard over the years!

We couldn't find Deidre's hubby Graeme - he'd gone AWOL - eventually tracked him down at a nieghbours - doing beers, so we just had to go and join them! And do a quick catch up job!! There was some good banter going on - I've been invited to pee on the grass, under the lomon tree att he farm if I can't find the loo.... Shane - I now understand where you get it from!!! It's great to find a place where everyone is well into Friday night drinkies - just like home!!

It actually feels quite English down here - both the landscape (very green & hilly) and the buildings - a lot of brick, as opposed to wood in Queensland

Sat 23/10 Sunny

Hoorah! The sun doth shine! Deidre and I went into Albury this morning, I explored whilst she went to work for a while. There's a street festival here today, with music, dancing, entertainers etc, which made for a great wander around in the sunshine. The population here is 22 thousand, with a similar amount in Wadonga, the other side of the river. It's a lovely town (sorry, city Deidre!), very clean, and friendly with a good selection of eat & drink places, and doesn't look bad for shopping.

We then went to Beechworth - an old town dating back to 1852, developed as a goldtown. This was Ned Kelly's old stomping ground, where he was tried, and most of his family also spent their days in jail! We had lunch there and a wander around the town, which has been wonderfully preserved in olden day style, even down to the drainage system at the side of the roads. There is an Alpaco shop with the softest wool products I've ever felt BUT I didn't buy anything....honest!

We then went to Yackandandahm a very small old mining town and browsed some antique shops. Moving swiftly on, to the Watchbox Winery, where we sat in the gardens and had a little mid afternoon snifter in the sunshine and watched two magpie babies and their mums.

Got back about 5pm, very tired and very chilled out. Deidre and Graeme went to a 21st party tonight, so I had a play with Bob, the red healer pup, who is a real cutie, with very sharp claws!! He scratched my tan off!! Then just lazed about....

Sun 24/10 Rain

What's going on??? The rain's caught up with me! Well, because of the weather we decided to stay home, and Sonia and the girls came round to play. Had a very entertaining morning with them - 3 kids is tres hard work!!! Then we had a barbie for lunch.

After lunch it stopped raining, and the sun came out with a vengeance! About 2pm Deidre and I decided to go for a little drive to Rutherglen, of wine fame, and had a look at their huge wine bottle - it's actually a water tower, which is a shame - maybe we could do the Jesus thing and turn it into wine!!!

Then we went to the Pickled Sisters (appropriate!) winery for our afternoon aperitif! That was very pleasant, although not as scenic as yesterday! We have decided that it should be an obligatory weekend activity here - there are so many different wineries to visit - the only trouble is that someoune has to drive!

Graeme suggested going out to dinner tonight, but neither of us could summon up the enthusiasm, and of course Deidre would have ended up driving, so we stayed in and had pizza!!!

Mon 25/10 Hot

Beautiful morning, I was woken by bright sunshine through the window, and the birds singing - bliss! I really enjoy being woken early to that - not so keen on being woken by the pitter patter of raindrops - which has been far too common of late!

Went into Albury with Deidre at 10am and did a mass 5hr time waste.... wandered, did coffee, did lunch, posted another parcel home (Ma & Pa - you might want to leave this one shut, or you can call him Brian or Sid!), sat in a park, happily doing my cross stitch in the sunshine, until Michael the strret dude started shouting to me 'hey love, what colour are your panties' at the top of his voice, about half a dozen times! When I studiously ignored him, he changed it to 'hey lover, what's your name?' - a tad more polite I thought! When I continued to ignore him, he came over, so I took the plung & spoke French to him, hoping to god he couldn't speak the lingo, whch fortunately he couldn't!! The girls on the next bench to me were killing themselves laughing, because my French certainly doesn't sound fluent! Anyway security (4 beefy females!) turned up & took hime away!!

Deidre dropped me off for the bus, more fond farewells - thanks you guys - it was great - lovely farm, lovely area, lovely drinkies!!!! cont......

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