Glenda's Adventures with Daisy 2006-07 travel blog

Fountain and Fish Pond in Memory Garden


During the rest of the week I was pretty laid back. The weather was uncomfortably hot -- in the triple digits -- so I just stayed holed up most of the time with my air conditioner. We had severe dust storms every afternoon for three days in a row. During those storms we could see only a few feet in front of us and, because dust is one of my 'allergy enemies', I was rather uncomfortable. Fortunately, the storms didn't last very long but they left behind a mess. The maintenance man had to remove the goldfish from their pond temporarily so he could dig out about three inches of mud which the storms had left behind!

I was greatly pleased to discover that my Daisy is dust resistant. I could smell it in the air but there was very little dust deposited inside. Some of the others in the park were not quite so blessed.

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