Nick Discovers the Dordogne 2006 travel blog

A view from Souillac...Final Dawn on the Dordogne.

Impressionistic View.

Well, if you've made it this far in the journal, you will now be rewarded with your special treats--additional media and websites to check out!

Well the first treat was going to be video clips, but they are all in ASF format, which is unsupported by this site. And, I don't feel like taking the time to figure out how to convert them. So, too bad. If you want them I can email separately.

But, I also have some interesting web sites to pass along for your delectation.

First, Dennis and his wife Jackie are both now artists with their work on the web. So, take a look!

Second, check out the band:

Sue turned me on to this group--imagine, somebody from Warwick hears about a Detroit band before I do! Sue has an unusual background of knowledge, however, having the distinction of being the only woman I know to have advanced farther than me in Grand Theft Auto III. She also knows, and, I think, enjoys, the trick about recharging yourself with the, shall we say, ladies of easy virtue.

Finally, I ask you to check out the website of our intriguing group leader! Surely, if there was ever a woman to fit the 'Title Nine' catalog profile (you know this catalog, surely, the one with J. Peterman type stories, only about athletic women) then it was Jo. Her organizational skills at timely producing the pain aux chocolat, croissants, and pain aux raisin, at the scheduled time of 8:40 AM, 10 minutes after the boulangerie opened, was particularly appreciated. Jo really kept it all together and made the trip a much more worthwhile experience. So, here is her website with her own fantastic and intriguing story!!! Check it out!

Well done, Jo, on completing that amazing journey!

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