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Drumheller entrance sign

Hoodoos - sand & wind & rain

more Hoodoos

& more Hoodoos

& more Hoodoos

the Valley & more Hoodoos

Relatives at the Big dinos

Dino in front of blldg

Dino protruding from front of IGA

Royal Tyrell Museum - awesome!!!

Bob & Gail by dino in front of Museum

Day 16 Drumheller - rest day

We spent the day exploring the area around Drumheller.

. The town and local area has done a lot to create a tourist destination. Some of the ideas are interesting - scale models of dinosaurs throughout the town

, even a 3-d model protruding from the IGA store

. There are many museums and historical elements to visit . The most interesting is the Badlands Provincial Park - further to the north & we did not visit there ; that is the location of current & past digs and bone discoveries. One fascinating feature are the hoodoos (east of town) - these are sandstone structures that have been shaped by wind and water erosion over the last million years .


Another must see is the Royal Tyrell Museum of Palaeontology (the dinosaur museum) - follow the history of the dinosaur , the discovery , research and reconstruction . All very fascinating..

. Picture of Gail & Bob on a dinosaur in front of the museum.


Gail's brother Ian & his wife Lorraine also came down from Edmonton and we had a great afternoon of visiting.

Picture of the 6 of us in front of a Ty Rex in the main family park in downtown Drumheller. In the background is the largest dinosaur model in Canada! 4.5 X scale.

A quite day in camp for most of the group - 10km from downtown - many of the group went to the museum. A few teams took taxis into town for tourist stuff & supper. The Australians went into Calgary with friends for the Stampede - returning with t-shirts and cowboy hat & new cowboy accents! It rained in the late afternoon and also some overnight.

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