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New taxis

Bakehouse, umm

Football fever (also in London)


I do too

Mary Poppins

What's this? New stuff or something from the war??

Pub pub

Symbol of Britania

Another theater

Old church

London Eye, or Millinium Wheel

View from the Eye

View from the Eye

View from the Eye

View from the Eye

Me! Looking rather good I might add :-)

View from the Eye

View from the Eye

The big "cucumber" in the background


Mister Blair... Anyone home?



London Eye

Me on a bridge

Cool, right :-)


The famous red bus of London

No need for comment

Mom where are U!

Old school fun

Last time in the air - destination: Copenhagen

We're up high

Time for a last glimpse of the sun's rays

Welcome back for one last time.

This is going to be the final entry to my travel website, here we go.

To start off with I just want to say thank you for visiting and keeping me company during this rather long trip around the world. For me it has been an amazing, dazzling and extraordinary journey through nine countries, and hundreds of cities meeting lots and lots of wonderful, crazy and interesting new people all the time.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts and time with me, I am very grateful.

Now, this last one for you all is about the very last days of my trip which I spent in Central London. As usual, I've uploaded some photos for you to drool at ;-)

So... What to tell....what to tell..... Oh, yes! I toured London like the average tourist, staying at a familiar hostel at Piccadilly Circus, but since I was really longing for home at this time, I decided to ask Scandinavian Airlines if they could bump me forward a few days. As you read in my last post, I was supposed to meet a friend who then moved to the middle east. So, four days in London became two. I was very happy and started to enjoy it all instead of just wanting to be home with friends and family.

London, city of old. I really like it, and have visited many times before, but oh my God the cost of stying here is horrific, especially compared to just leaving Bangkok! I spent more money in one day in London than I did in five days in Bangkok. That's just crazy!

But, there was one thing I really wanted to see - the Millennium Wheel, that's the old name for London Eye those of you who should know it. It big, it's slow but what a view!! It's amazing, you can see all of London on a clear day. Good stuff.

After spending a few hours here I toured the rest of town on my own taking photographs. I think it's one of my hobbies now, hope you like the results :-)

Next day I was on a plane back home.

Suddenly, just before the plane was ready to take-off, one of the stewards aboard the aircraft came up and asked me if I would mind to being upgraded to Business Class for the flight. I didn't mind at all, LOL, so I enjoyed a lot of free Champagne, Salmon and other goodies for the entire duration of the flight. I actually had to swallow huge chunks of the dessert because the flight was so short. Not enough time to consume so much food and wine! But it did feel like the perfect ending for a very successful journey.

Again, thank you for joining me.

Be good and take care.


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